Portable Toilets

Buffalo Tanks - Septic Tanks

Buffalo Sanitation offers portable water-borne ablution facilities for all.
These units have been designed to be compact, and durable and offer various advantages to communities.

Some of the typical applications include areas where there is no water or sewer infrastructure,
disaster management sites, informal settlements and schools, clinics and campsites.

Here are some of the advantages of these units/facilities:

  • 100% waterborne unit
  • Restore dignity to communities
  • Totally Hygienic and safe to use
  • No harmful chemicals are used
  • No danger to the end users or the environment
  • Connection to Bio-Separator for On-site Sewage Treatment
  • Totally green product
  • Fast service delivery, easy to move around
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Low maintenance (Cleaning of containment tank from non-biodegradable materials once per 12 - 24 months).
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