Septic Tanks

Buffalo Tanks - Septic Tanks
  • Square design for easy installation
  • Two chamber design for effective separation of solids and water.

Installation procedures of Septic Tanks

  • Excavate a hole for Septic Tank
  • Allow enough clearance around Septic Tank for compactor
  • Check for groundwater or clay. If no groundwater or clay is present, compact bottom and lay down 200mm sand for base.
  • Compact sand bed
  • Place the Septic Tank in the hole on the sand bed
  • Fill the Septic Tank halfway with water and commence with backfill and compact
  • Backfill to approximately 300mm below waterline.
  • Fill tank with water and continue with backfill to desired level
  • Should you find groundwater or clay to be present, add a 150mm reinforced concrete base
  • When concrete is cured, place Septic Tank on top of base and strap down
  • Continue with backfill as described above

Harmful substances for Septic Tanks: The “Do not list”

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